Packed Lunches

April 13, 2016

MenuDecorHorizontal    Ciabatta or Wrap (yeast & dairy free)* or GF bread $7.50

  • Roast Beef, caramelised onion, seeded mustard mayo, mixed greens, and roasted peppers.
  • Poached Chicken, cucumber, salad greens and cream cheese.
  • Salami, seeded mustard, cheese, tomato and salad greens.
  • Brie, grated carrot and beetroot, tomato and salad greens with a herb pesto mayo. (V)

DecorHorizontal   Salad of the Day $7.50

  • Potato salad with spring onion, mint, and a sour cream/mustard mayo. (V) (GF)
  • Olive, feta, sundried tomato, cucumber and mixed leaf salad with a olive oil dressing.(V)
  • Kumara, Spinach, tomato and green bean salad.(V, GF)
  • NB. For vegetarians meat can be omitted and replaced with extra of other ingredients.

DecorHorizontal   Small Rolls $5.00

  • Ham or Roast beef, Cheese, Salad and Mayo
  • Cheese, Salad greens and Mayo(V)
  • Poached Chicken, Salad and Mayo

If you have any specific dietary requirements don’t hesitate to contact me as I am happy to adapt the menu to suit.

DecorHorizontal   Sweet Treat

  • Fresh Fruit salad Cups (GF)(DF) $4.00
  • Chocolate brownie (GF) $4.00
  • Afghan or ANZAC biscuit (sm) $2.50

*Please state if you are GF, DF.

Bank Account: 12-3149-0127775-01

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